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trooper 3.1 clunking in 4wd

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hi there,looking at buying a 3.1 trooper,took it a test drive,everthing fine,tried 4wd drive it started making a bad clanking sound when turning and was very tight,as when i put clutch in it stopped as if i had put my foot on brake,put it back into 2wd high drove straight ahead noise was still there for a couple meters then was fine,any ideas?auto hubs? front diff?transfer box? any help at all please as apert from that it was fine
cheers gus

Were you on tarmac or loose surface at the time?

tarmac,drove fine in 2wd,im a defender man so not used to this type of 4wd system,is it meant to be tight turning on tarmac like that,i know some troopers have an lsd which might make it be like that,its just the grinding clinking noise,sounds like something is going to break!!!

You could well have just killed it.

4wd on a trooper is NOT to be used on tarmac, only loose surfaces, otherwise you'll smash the front diff / hubs.

It's the same 4wd system as most 4x4's out there - semi permanent which means you move into 4wd in slippery conditions and move straight back into 2wd (rwd) when on grippy tarmac.

ok i realise that now,used to permanent 4wd,so try it on mud or wet field and see what happens
cheers the now


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