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Just a quick thing before the forum goes down..

What are the diesel Cherokee's like? I've heard some folk say walk away but i can't afford to run a V8 so any reveiws on them????

They are poor.  Heavy on fuel, noisy and pretty slow.

An lpg conversion on a petrol is a better option.

the 2.5?  Walk away, keep walking, once around the corner, run until your out of breath.

Petrol on LPG, no more expensive to buy, cheaper to run and doesn't do a head gasket every time you turn your back.

Brian the Sn@il:
THe V6 3.0 Diesels are in a class of their own.
V6 power and the V6 Noise :)

Bishops Finger:
2.8 in the KJ or JK OR the newer 3.0l....avoid others


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