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Brian the Sn@il:
the 3.0 V6 have the merc engine, not sure if they use the merc auto box as well ?

I've got a 1997 2.5 diesel XJ, it's now done 98,000 miles, some of which has been greenlaning, averages 26mpg on mud tyres and has never missed a beat. Plus you don't have to worry about the electrics when in deep water...

Bishops Finger:
Nope just the turbo intake......

Bishops Finger:
The 2.7 diesels are getting a bad reputation for reliability......all related to injectors and fuelling..


A M8 of mine has a KJ 2.8 and reckons its a cracking motor ,he,s a J33P man through and though of 20years so does know his J33Ps,


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