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Any other Champ owners on here?.

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Best of luck with it- if you see another let me know :)

Range Rover Blues:
Someone is selling champ ignition parts on E-Bay this week, IIRC.

This thread needs photos! love the champs that I have seen - very fit for purpose. Even the dash clocks are heavy duty with rain seals.
Supposedly when the companies merged they had the choice between continuing with the champ production or the landrover line.... they choose poorly IMO.

Range Rover Blues:
From what I've heard the Champ was overengineered for the compercial purpose served by the LR, albeit a very fine military vehicle, Rolls Royce engine too IIRC.

Unlike the Gypsy, which was an unsuccesful and ugly vehicle.

Foound this site interesting though

I,ve finally learnt how to put pictures up and here we go.         This one is from the northern champ owners frostbite run.


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