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Any other Champ owners on here?.

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Are there any other champ owners on here .I,ve been the proud owner of one since April.Its a laugh to drive.Not tried much off road in it but nothing bothers it that I have tried.Its better on fuel than I was led to believe.18 mpg no probs my series 2 never beats that and on the motorway easily mid 20s.Atop speed of around 50mph thanks to the governor,though with 1950s brakes I wouldnt want to go much faster.It would be nice to find out that there was more than just me on here with a love of these great vehicles.


I've always liked the look of them but never had the chance (or money) to get one.  ;)

Good luck with it.  :D

I had one many years ago, paid 150 quid for it in farm sale. The engine was seized but I knew of a new complete RR B40 engine in a sealed box, bought that for 25 quid and put the two together. That was 20 years ago mind, and I kept it for just under 5 years. The only major problem was the rear dif which I understand is a weak point. Fun to drive, but don't get carried away with the 5 reverse gears :-)


They are not that dear really.A really good champ sells for the price of a crap original Jeep.I gave just over a £1000  for it. I bought on a Sunday afternoon after a few hours in the pub.I clicked on it thought ."That looks good."Woke up Monday and thought "What the hell have I bought?".Got it home and realised it was my best e,bay mistake ever.I know about the rear axle but everything is in there the transfer box reverse gear everything!!.

Have a look at this site  a few champ owners on there


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