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I was one of the many people who followed this thread about side exit exhausts.

Eventually I plucked up the courage and bought a pile of bits including a

Flexi Exhaust Tube,
Stainless Steel Roll Tip Exhaust Trim,
Stainless Steel Exhaust Adaptor Reducer Sleeve
Devon 4x4 Stainless Steel Exhaust Finisher
Exhaust Clamps Various.
Chequer Plate 5 Door Set.

After much head scratching I started with the chequer plate if I went wrong this would hide everything. I put a couple of rivets in my chequer plate and popped it into position. I marked out the chequer plate hole, took the plate of and cut the hole. I held it back in place to mark the bodywork and cut a hole in that too. I bolted the exhaust ring on and took a picture.

To get it spot on I used a grinder to flatten the ribs on the chequer plate so that the exhaust ring would sit flat against the plate.

My intention was to do a variation on the camel cut theme. To do this I sliced about 20mm off the leading edge of the chequer plate at the bottom and nothing at the top. Have a look at the photo to see what I mean.

I marked the same cut on the body and sliced that too. While I was at it, I ground the tail pipe off! I cut the straight section behind the wheel – about half way along.

The stainless steel exhaust adaptor reducer sleeve which I ordered from a company on eBay  was supposed to be a tube which changed from one size to another – 150mm long. What I got was a 300mm “adapter” with the correct sizes at the end but a random bit in the middle!! There was no way that I could hide this behind the bodywork so it had to be mitred.

I worked out the angle by bolting two bits of shelving together and pushing it down the end of the exhaust and measuring the angle with the bodywork/

With this angle, I cut the adapter and welded it. (Fibber Alert – Okay, I got it welded in Fareham for £20).

The exhaust trim was good but needed shortening. It finished up at about 100mm.

Then, crunch time – bolt it all together. I did grind slots into the adapter so that it would compress when clamped.

Don’t worry – the jubilee clip bracket did not last long. I fabricated a 5mm thick bracket and fitted two rubberised exhaust mounts to eliminate vibration.

I also but an extra clamp on the adapter and longer L shaped brackets on the back of the exhaust ring.

One can of satin Hammerite and here it is when finished.

And the camel cut too.

Under compression……….

What do you think?

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Very tidy mate  :clap: :clap: :clap:

so many hills , so little time ....
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I bet that makes the bodywork resonate nicely....!!

Also, when i did my camel cut i reflanged the arch to add strength, you'll find you'rs is now quite flimsy i suspect..... i would also taper out the sharp edge you've left on the arch return, it may not touch the tyre now, but when moving the bushes allow for movement, and it's not nice having to replace tyres due to cuts in them...... so simply taper the egde off and it'd be better.....
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looking sweet mate, you really need to trim the strip of metal under the chequer plating it looks a bit odd.

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Nice job Rob, like what you did with the angled exhaust.

I'm glad my initial thread helped  bit and you've definitely taken it one step further. As it happens, my flexi pipe sheared off after 12 months, a little too much stress and not enough support on it I think.

Mark II will be a thing of beauty....

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The exhaust and the plate looks really good, i'd echo what other people have said about the wheelarch though.

...lovin dirty days out...

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Re: Eventually got round to fitting my side exit exhaust - 30+ photos.
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 :cool: Bringing this old one back , heres mine  :cheesy:
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Re: Eventually got round to fitting my side exit exhaust - 30+ photos.
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