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Anything Else I should look at...
« on: January 08, 2007, 09:21:53 »
Started to strip the engine on The Rabbit ready to do the head Gasket on Sat in the pouring rain. Got as far as dropping the rad which had all sorts of gunk in it. stripiing off the fan and Manifold and then found a surprise.

The grey Goo in the oil filler has gone, I cleaned it out when I did the oil pump and now there is no sign of it. So I'm now less inclinded to think theres a problem with it, although the water is contaminated. What I did find was that the manifold (already cracked) wasnt making a seal on No 4 and the EGR passageway, loads of soot round both the block and manifold. So I think I might be looking at that for some of my problems, but not the goo.

I also have something funny going on with the plugs that makes me think the head still needs to come off. Plug 1 was 'wet' with oil. Plugs 2 and 4 were spot on and plug 3 was fouled with soot. Any ideas?

I'm tempted to have the head off anyway just to check the state of everything, are there any other jobs you lot would recomment while the engine is pretty much stripped down. I'll do timing belt obviously.

Gonna try an beg/borrow a compression tester off someone for a day and check it over, mine is no good (old style large plug adapter on it).
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