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Comptons 2000 - for Canvas rag tops
« on: August 19, 2012, 10:37:40 »

I went looking for an alternative canvas manufacturer rather than throw cash at the usual two suspects.
The rag top was for a Series One 86" Landrover.  My specifications - Full Length, in khaki with rear view window.

Came up with Comptons 2000.
At the time the website was little better than a web v1 affair, looks a bit more current now. Dropped them an email to ask if they could supply to my needs and 5 days later had a reply.

" £285.00 plus a £15.00 delivery charge"

So a total price of £300   (I had to ask if VAT was going to be added.... no £300 is the price to pay).  Okay that is a saving at least on the alternatives, but still 300 notes on a non-restoration vehicle. I just want to keep the dogs in and winter rain out  :grin: so I left it a week or so to mull over.

What I found is that I had to wring the basic information out of who ever I was dealing with at Comptons. So I decided to go ahead and buy but had hadn't been told how to go about it. So another email stating I want to order and how do I pay. With a reply that payment is only via Cheque (what's one of them  :shocked: ) or bank transfer, also they gave me information about their upcoming annual shut down vacation.

Like I said.... extracting teeth......... Had to drop another email asking for bank details so I could make a bank transfer, asked for order reference so they would know whoem payment was from  , asking delivery schedule.  Think I covered all bases with that email.  (BTW 17 days have passed since my original email)

So next day I got the bank details and I made payment.   I also dropped them another email to let them know my delivery address   :grin:

6 days later....... not heard a thing.  I'm thinking ... dodgy old website - maybe they went bust an age ago and  I have just given 300 notes to a caretaker or some random. But I wasn't in panic mode and had faith.
So I drop another email asking for payment received confirmation.
Next day I get the confirmation and statement that the canvas would be delivered on Friday - 2 days time.

What arrived on that Friday was a very well made, quality piece of kit with all features and fittings that would be expected from original patterned piece. Excellent - very happy. Even nice to see faint trace of tailors chalk lines.

So apart from the slightly bizarre customer interaction order process which is far from slick (Let's say quirky old school British man in shed feel) every thing else was great and therefore I can recommend Comptons 2000 as an alternative to exmoor and such like. Just do not expect super quick clickety click order process.


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Re: Comptons 2000 - for Canvas rag tops
« Reply #1 on: August 19, 2012, 12:57:11 »
Lambert Coverdale.

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Comptons 2000 - for Canvas rag tops
« Reply #2 on: August 23, 2012, 00:09:37 »
I think they are the guys from just down the road from me. Nice guys to deal with especially face to face. They also make the canvasses for the military vehicles. They were at a few shows last year that I know of. Though I haven't been to any yet this year (eastnor this weekend. :) ) as I have been posted to Germany.

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