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Hi all I'm putting a lift on my freelander and would like to go 2" but from reading through various threads I can't work out if I need camber correction pins or not. Can anyone tell me if I need them or not


I'd always fit them when lifting a freelander, sometimes even 2 sets. As often everything is thown out of sync.
The best thing you can do is fit a set on the front, take your freelander for  a proper 4 wheel alignment test, ideally somewhere that has a good knolwedge of 4x4's.
They will be able to align everything back to factory standards, keeping the handling as it should be.

They may recomend to fit additional camber pins, I.e Rears, depending on the size of the lift and how far the alignment is out by.

Whilst lifting greatly improves ground clearance and is well worth doing, without a 4 wheel alignment your freelander will develop the handling of a Relient Robin.

It is a costly process going down this route, but worth it in the long run.


Thanks for that I will do what you recommend not an issue with the tracking my mate is the manager at a very good garage and Sundays are work on your own car day  :grin:

I fitted the Bearmach 2" lift kit and had to have the camber bolts fitted to all 4 wheels as it did need them then have the 4 wheel alignment done as your tracking will also be out.
Carpenters Freelander on YouTube :)


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