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L200 power upgrade help


right basicly i was wondering if i just unpluged my chip will it go back to how it was before, or do i have to get it tuned etc etc,

basicley a wile back i had it done at livery dole main dealer in exeter, had to take it back because it was surging like mad, and its still not 100% just seems under powered drinks a hell of a lot of fuel (i wouldn't mind if it had a bit of power) and still surges alot. not really had any time to take it back again, take more time of work etc, warranty ran out now,    just wont it back to how it was now,

this is the unit they put in,

If it connects "in-line" to the vehicle wiring then you should be good to just remove it. Provided they have only altered the programming on the chip when you took it back then the vehicle will just revert to normal running.


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