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Back in a freelander after a 3yr break

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I've recently bought another freelander after a "time out" with a disco 1 & more recently disco td5, back in the old days i had 2.0di 5door which was heavily tricked up for a Morrocco trip.

Now i'm in a Td4 which is being fitted out with wheels & tyres and suspension lift this week, pics to follow....

Whilst many of my Land rover mates are taking the p*ss, I must admit the car like drive & 40mpg are really really nice.

Phil (mill2020)

Finally got the new set of wheels & tyres fitted after being on back order for ages, fills out the arches nicely with the 1.5inch lift. :azn: :azn: :azn:

That looks well. :afro:

 :evil:Brrrrrr  just had a Shiver down my spine !  :wink:

Another pic of the the front, taken on this years Mac4x4 in Wales.
Next year we will be taking part in a 1974 series 3, but i will really miss those heated seats in the Freelander!!!
 :cry: :cry: :cry:


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