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`96 ZJ passenger side headlamp


I`m looking for a passenger side headlamp for a `96 ZJ after some little **** in town done mine in with a stone or something.............. yes, I chased `em.......... yes they could run faster!

Anyone know of a reasonably priced stockist? Every breaker on ebay I enquire with has always sold it!
Stuck some requests in to places like breakerlink, but the last time I submitted a request to one of these companies they came back with prices above what I could get a brand new pair from the US!

Yes, there are a lot of exclamation marks in the above text!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Smiths:
most ebay sellers will have sold them for around £80 plus as well.

They are rare because glue tends to fil and you drive over them

<begin troll>

Plenty of Landrover ones about, ten a penny.

<end troll>

Thats coz Land Rovers fail a lot more often!  :grin:

Bishops Finger:
US ones may be offset in beam??Try JeepChrysler parts, maybe Lighthouse Jeep 4 play Jeeps or track down Carlos Fandango or John N on Jeep Junkies...

good luck!


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