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So last September I got rid of the D2 as I couldn`t be bothered with all the problems associated with Land Rovers any more, and bought myself a `96 (N) Grand Cherokee that needed a bit of work to pass its test-

New rear shocks
New pads all-round
Clean up calipers and replace one piston, clean up disks and lines
CV boots

Mot passed in October

Since then I`ve replaced a few other bits and bobs-

Water pump
Catalytic converter
ABS sensor
Wheel bearing
Ball joints
Propshaft UJ`s

Not all essential, but you know how it is

I have to say compared to the disco the jeep is so much better!
No leaks (sunroof/oil/etc)
No Airbags deflating every other day (several 70+ mile journeys on the bump stops!)
So much more comfortable
Better stereo

So from experience (110 CSW, V8 RRC, D1 200tdi, D2 TD5), Land Rover is ok, Jeep is better!



Bishops Finger:
Jeeps and GC's rock!!!!!! :cool:

I can Concur with most of this report!
I have just taken ownership of an (S reg) 2.5 tdi sport cherokee 80k genuine with only 2 owners from new
and although its spent its life mainly on the farm its Bl@@dy Quicker than all of the Landy's  i have owned
and comfortable too
so first impressions are impressive ( smile)


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