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2 wheel drive wont engage


morning all,this is a request for my farther in law....he has a hilux surf 3.0 auto,it hardly ever gets used,just sits on his drive :sad: its coming up for its mot(23 miles since last one)he has said he wants rid of it .when i asked why ,he said it wont go into 2 wheel drive,so im thinking of having a look at it for him :shocked: :shocked: ive only had landrovers(simple)
he said when he presses the button(?)he can hear it trying to engage(?)im guessing it could be elictrical ,but i am aware there are valves and pumps and there a process of elimination i can tackle this with   ie jack it up first to check wheels moving,yes,then check blah blah blah,,,,you get my drift........thanks in advance.....dunk

update far as i can see there is nothing up with it ,so i asked him to come and show me ,so he stuck it in neutral and said ,see it doesnt work :embarrassed: :embarrassed:i then pointed out that in neutral nothing would happen,which he replied ,im sure thats where ive the gear lever before,,,,you have to remember hes getting on a bit and hes due an hip operation(the reason hes getting rid),and its only done 23 miles since last mot :shocked:   so as ive never owned an hilux auto i dont know whats right........anyway am i correct in thinking ,when the transfer box is in low or high ,its in 2 wheel drive ,then when you press the button on the lever(and it shows on the dash 4 wd) this is then in 4 wheel drive,,,,,,i know it sounds as though im thick but the old fella kinda put a seed of doubt in my mind,aftereall its his car so i would have thought him to be right :wink: :wink:

If its in neutral it won't work.

Easy enough to check. Just jack up one front wheel, if it turns then its in 2WD!


thanks for the replies


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