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couple of glitches with feeelander


just wondered if anyone could shed some light its a 1d4 auto first prob is that it no longer seems to use heater plugs unless quite cold in morn making it a bit of a [!Expletive Deleted!] to start  second is now it seems to have a judder on tickover after running for a while especially after motorway running this has only just started wondered if it was a known problem with a straight forward replacement of parts oh sorry straight forward n lr not usually together  :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

I have a 2002 td4 manual. My glow plugs only come on when its very cold or damp but no problem with starting.
Tick over. Have you changed the fuel filter. If not first thing I would do. Changed mine at last service and there was a lot if crap in it.

Carpenters Freelander on YouTube.


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