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Trooper 3L buying advise


Hi guy's, Seen a 52 plate 3.0L trooper for sale in the paper with 86K on the clock & hopefully will be going to have a look at it tomorrow. Is there any big probs with these engines? & what  should I check oh it's an auto.

One of either the 3 or 3.1 litre engines is fairly delicate with injectors giving issues beyond that I think they are a very good car known a few folk to have them and be well pleased. Just can't remember which is the bad motor, though I think it's 3. I'll have a Google for you.

It was the 3L that was bad....back in the T reg days, not sure how it is with the year your considering. We have a T reg 3.0L RS Trooper, had all the recalls done, new engine etc....runs perfect.  :azn: (it could be for sale if you are interested, only gets driven once a week to do the shopping).


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