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my jeep has been going well with no problems for awhile and also passed its MOT last month  :grin:

this is a common problem on mine - after sometime it wont start so i do my usual - take door card off, disconnect door module then it will start and should be okay

but this time after doing that, it stalled twice on a short trip, but started ok and i got home.

i notice that when i start it, it seems to knock for awhile but on 2nd turn of key it does start.

anyone come across this before or think they know what it is ? is it the coil/plugs/points need cleaning ?

thanks in advance.

Bishops Finger:
Alarm OK....?

Have you tried cleaning the battery terminals?
I had a problem with the electric windows on my ZJ, only the passenger window worked. Disconnected the battery and cleaned the posts and connectors- problem solved


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