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Just bought it; lots of questions about it.


George the Disco:
Hi folks, I've just bought a 51 plate TD4 Commercial and have some questions I'd appreciate any help you can offer.

1) It only came with one key & remote fob.
Q: Can I cheaply duplicate the key and fob?
Q: I see that you can get fobs on ebay for reprogramming. Is this easy and if not how much does it cost (roughly)?

2) The existing key fob is rubbish (probably just the CR2032 battery), but the central locking is a law unto itself. It may/may not open on the fob, it may/may not open all the doors on the drivers door key (no lock on passengers side and, I've just read, the rear lock only does the window (which works!)).
I've just changed the CR2032 battery and we have;
Open 1 - Drivers door unlocks, passengers door clicks, indicators flash once.
Open 2 - Drivers & passenger locks click, Rear door unlocks, indicators flash once.
Close 1 - All locks close (passengers still just clicks), indicators flash 3 times.
Close 2 - All locks click (dead locks?), indicators flash 3 times.
Q: How easy is it to change the central locking units in the doors (connector rods, cables, etc) as the passenger side one clicks/vibrates on the button (when it works!) but doesn't open or close?
Q: Anyone any ideas on the central locking being a law unto itself?
Q: How come the horn doesn't toot any more when I clock the car?

3) I've just changed all the tyres to single make & single size (only 2 of the same size out of the entire 5!). The vehicle has a full service history, and probably spent quite a few years on a small holding or similar.
Q: Should I worry about the VCU? It's done 110k miles.
Q: Do VCU's really only last 70k miles?
Q: Can I refurbish the VCU myself?

4) Driver front strut seems to have a slight difference in camber angle (inclined at the top).
Q: Is this a common thing?
Q: Can it be adjusted, or do I need to start looking for things that are wrong?

5) Clutch. Google has shown that a clutch should be 6.9mm to 7.5mm thick when new and has a service limit of 5.6mm.
Q: Can I check how thick the clutch material is without stripping is down (

George the Disco:
Just to add to this, after speaking to my 2 local LR specialists and being quoted silly money for a replacement key with coded transponder and 2 button remote fob, Auto Keys (Wirral) ( came up trumps offering a cut key, coded transponder & 2 button fob remote all done for

Hello Mate,

Q: How come the horn doesn't toot any more when I clock the car?
Normally horn only toots if rear window is not fully up, or one of the doors is open, I guess to warn you if you are locking up and leaving it.

Q: Do VCU's really only last 70k miles?
Well I have an o5 plate TD4 and has just turned over 171,000 miles today and not had any probs with the VCU so far :grin:



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