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another set of sankey questions

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Is there a readily available hard top that will fit or easily be modded to fit a mk3 wide track, eg an ifor Williams top off a 110?

Second would it be the end of the world to tow a mk3 behind a Massey 550 without making the lunette ring free to rotate?

Cheers in advance.

There are a couple of websites showing how to make a hardtop from a couple of series roof's. A landrover roof  would look best but they too narrow so need to be cut down middle and piece put in, hence using two roof. I *Was* going to do it but decided it was a pointless project for my use as having a hardtop is top restricting for a general purpose trailer so went for a brand new canvas to keep the leaves out when it's laid up as 70 squid. be nice to know if there is a taller ifor type solution knocking about.

As for the pintle.... never heard good words about using two non rotating unions........ bloody dangerous.

Having now had a tape over my pig pen it seems like a 110 ifor top could be made to fit easier than blending two van roofs. Either that or I could butcher some wood into a rail and post affair with a roof, that could look quite professional. Either way I would be obliged to have a gated ramp for the sheeps to get in and out of. That said the primary role is as a bowser for shifting water between drinker tanks so a sheep transport mod can wait.

hmmmm raised canvas affair

Interesting. Cheers.

Also have been looking on the net and it seems some of these trailers are 1000kg not 750 how would I tell the difference given the tag on the one I have seems to have been savaged by a power wire brush.. cheers.


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