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Need some help guys,

I have a wide track Sankey with the hydraulic (?) piston towing eye (See pic). It's curently seized and nothing seems to want to free it up.

I'd like to look at taking the thing apart, cleaning it out and re greasing it. Does anyone have access to a maintenance manual for this model?



as i remember from previous days... youre gonna have a whole world of pain getting that freed off!!

sorry i cant help any further with it tho... i wasnt REME!!

Load it up and do some heavy braking?

Those models, the eye don't swivel  like the earlier ones (then nato hook has to do the swivelling)... but you probably know that already.

I have the MKIII disc braked trailer but the arrangement looks different to yours (handbrake different and hydraulic master is further back), do you know which manufacturer made it? Mines a Universal Engineering Company jobbie.

Sorry, never found a manual for the MKIII.


--- Quote from: Saffy on November 09, 2011, 06:39:09 ---Load it up and do some heavy braking?

--- End quote ---

Yep, brute force & ignorance is the start point   :shocked:

Range Rover Blues:
I did get one off the bay, which of course i will look for.  meanwhile I think I have seen one like that for sale somewhere, the complete coupling head I mean.


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