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 Hi peeps! Nice to see the forum back all shiney & new!  :afro:

Well.......I broke this......

So 'BoB' has gone to another home!  :sad:

I bought this.......

But 'Jallopie' didn't work out either!  :sad:

But I now have this!!  :grin:

LJ71 2.4Efi Auto. Am delighted with it! Needed a little tidying I stripped out the carpets & used Protectacote instead!

The centre console was beyond saving! Now.....I'm sure no 'Ish' from West Coast Customs.....but to be fair, it does go round the gearstick!  :wink:

Fitted a panel for the CB etc....

Plans include suspension, Spool Locker, Lock Right, winch & roll cage!

2" Ironman Suspension arrived & fitted!  :grin:

(Note the Jack Handle  :wink: )




Towing the truck home had me grinning from ear to ear! Don't ask 'cos I don't know....but everytime I look at the thing it makes me smile!  :azn:

So...I named it Jester!  :ner:

Now...what colour could I paint a truck named Jester that matches my shy, quiet & retiring personality  :undecided:

Disclaimer....if bad paint ain't your thing & excessive use of stickers to hide runs offends...turn away!  :rolleyes:

Now....rumour has it I may have run out of green paint & as such the bonnet may not be the best! & rumour also has it that I ran out of orange for the roof & may have used some yellow to finish.....

But how these rumours came about I have no idea  :wink:


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