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can anyone tell me......

when vehicles come out of the MOD can they end up on a Q plate..or is that rubish ?

Cheers Lee

Disco Matt:
Yes, they can if no date of manufacture or entry into service (not sure which?) can be proven.

It used to happen all the time but rarely nowadays.

I even know of some that were issued a Q years ago that have managed to get an age related plate since by proving build date.

Disco Matt:
I suspect it may relate to their route out of the forces. Most vehicles go via a dealer, and in days gone by what's the betting that it was easier to get a load of Q plates than it was to research the build date of each vehicle (out of the fifty-odd you'd just bought) enough to get them age-related plates?

There is an organisation which can tell you the build date (and I think at least some of the history) of ex-MOD vehicles for a fee?

To find out the history of ex military land rovers you need to contact the Royal Logistic Corps Museum at Deepcut, Surrey fora nominal fee (15 quid last time i did it) they will provide you with a photocopy of the vehicles record card, which includes info such as date into service, which units the vehicle was in service with and where it has been, also in some circumstances the actual service history.


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