Author Topic: suzuki sj410..what mods/best cost effective for offroader toy  (Read 3983 times)

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hi,been well impressed with these sjs..just bought a cheap rusty 410 purely for offroad use fun with my teenager kids,but on a budget ,really could do with advice /pointers as to what mods  are the best price benefit etc,as used to landys......the sj is in pretty  good mechanical order a good we already have a set of 7.50/16 dumper tyres on discovery wheels(flat face steels)  so all i was gonna do was re drill and try on back to front...lift wise ive seen on ebay extended shackles to lift 2-3 inch(seem easiest quickest way) or s.o.axle blocks to lift 5inch(seems quit a bit more work though) ,what sort of lift you reckon id need for theses wheels,and what benefits do they have???obviously we gonna build up some sort of cage and fit belts/harnesses....any good tips/ideas  to benefit the truck and save me wasting time or money on it would be well appreciated...cheers dave

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Re: suzuki sj410..what mods/best cost effective for offroader toy
« Reply #1 on: November 12, 2010, 19:34:44 »
hi dave
welcome to the suzuki side off 4x4'in
i cut me teeth on sj's including derv conversion,spoa,pick up conversion,rear discs, all done b4 it became common place to do them

imho dont waste ur money on leaf shackles get intouch with dave @llama4x4 and order some add a leaf kit then get some astra estate shox for the front
can use thetm for the rear but a conversion bar is needed to be fabbed up.

you can fit a subaru carb for the 410 for better response if you feel it needs it.

any questions just ask away m8y



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