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What size of wheels do I need for a 80,000 lbs military vehicle off road?

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Peter Dow:
Hi I am looking for some off road experts to give me some hints as to the size of wheel to draw for my concept design of a military vehicle.

It is OK I don't have to build one, just draw it, but right now, my wheels look far too small.

It is a 50,000 lbs (22,700 Kg) vehicle with a 30,000 lbs (13,600 Kg) trailer, total 80,000 lbs (36,300 Kgs). It is that heavy because of the anti-mine armour it has got.

The front 50,000 lbs is about the size of a Mastiff 2.

Now that's got 6 wheels and they look like they are about 3 feet in diameter (1 yard / metre) maybe. I am not sure if that is really enough wheel and tyre to get a grip in the sand, dirt or soft wet soil, (mud!  :D) not for 50,000 lbs or 25 short (US) tons for the Mastiff 2.

My machine is 80,000 lbs all up with the trailer and I might need more wheels as well as bigger wheels. What do you think, mud experts?

The Mastiff 2's wheels are fine for the roads of Iraq but what about something softer?

When I come to my concept design drawing, I can afford bigger rear (or middle) wheels because they don't need to turn. The front and trailer wheels need to be smaller and the same size because they both steer.

This is for Afghanistan so it is not all mud by any means but the roads are dirt roads pretty much "off road" really.

So see what you think if you would like to venture an opinion as to what size of wheels to draw. I just know the wheels I have drawn just now are too small.

Introducing HUMPBAC - an armoured personnel carrier with a connecting doorway from the rear of the vehicle to walk through into the armoured passenger trailer. Tickets please!  :D

Hinged Under-floor-Mine-Protection Battle-ready Armoured-personnel Carrier

Peter, you really need to get out more! LOL.   :shock:

Interesting project. 
Go back to basics though, what will this vehicle be used for  :-k  Having served in all the places you mention, I see no job for it.  It's too big as a fighting vehicle, no load space so not a logistics vehicle, perhaps as a Force Protection vehicle  :-k   
Though currently in Afghan, the Taliban seem to be shifting from IED to SRSAF, so no real use there either. 
You say personnel carrier, but what formation?  18 blokes fully bombed up wouldn't fit, 10+ kit would, so a section strength vehicle, but then bin the seats in the trailer part & make that storage for the blokes kit  :clap:

Looks good though mate  :dance:

20" rims with probably 44" tyres (12.00's (12.00r20) are common millitary size)

I say that cus I've got a set at the bottom of the garden ;)

The millitary stick to generally the same wheel and tyre size so that they can be interchanged between vehicles in case of issues.

Your gonna need more wheels it's going to ground it's self quite easily


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