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Sankey 3/4T Tubs

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Disco Matt:
Damn. On the other hand I've never been a huge fan of trailers as they limit your legal cruising speed, so it isn't such a bad thing!  :lol:

Range Rover Blues:
If it's under 750kg loaded then it doesn't need brakes, this helps keep the unladen weight down but on a LR it's like having your roof-rack fall off and get dragged along behind.

Depending on what your truck weighs loaded you can still get away with a Sankey, fo example a RRC has a MAM of just over 2,500kg leaving almost a tonne for a trailer, depending on what a Sankey weighs empty (anyone know) you could tow it.  My sister's first caravn was a 2-berth with shower and bog, 950kg all-up.


--- Quote from: Range Rover Blues on August 09, 2010, 01:27:26 ---, depending on what a Sankey weighs empty (anyone know) you could tow it. 

--- End quote ---

Not sure this thread started out with the later widetrack tub in mind but the internet says my 'sankey' widetrack FV2381 MKIII has an unladen weight of 509kg.

Range Rover Blues:
Perhaps not then, that would be a loaded mass os 1 1/4 tonne approx.

unladen they are bl**dy heavy as i have just tried to move mine up my gravel drive! strip down th etub keith, weight it in, and sell the chassis, it will fetch the smae price as a complete sankey.


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