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land rover lightweight / airdrop advice


hi guys/ gals, iv seen what i think is an old lightweight landy for what i think seems really cheap. but dont really know how to tell a good one from a bad one. what should i look out for? or ask about. and who can help me fix it?... im hoping to pick it up at the weekend if its a good'un. scott

EMLRA = Good

Rust = Bad


Range Rover Blues:
As he said really. Nothing can't be replaced but many parts are special to the lightweight and so harder to find and more expensive.  If the chassis is rotten it needs to be for peanuts, if it's solid with e knoackered engine then it's more viable, I've seen them with V8s in and I like V8s :D

it needs to be complete, straight and running if it's any money at all.


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