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Sankey 3/4t trailer

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Hi - been advised to post this on Mud-Club so would be most grateful to see what you think!

Bought a 3/4t Sankey a while back in order to transport an IBC container. Didn't think the ol' Series III SWB was up to the task so built an adapter (with one of the *big* NATO hitches!) for my D22 Navara which has been towing it really nicely (if a smidge low at the front). I think the trailer is one of the newer models (although not disc brake) as the hitch is inline rather than bolted on top of the front of the trailer, and is in good condition with the duck boards.

Question is whether anyone is interested in the trailer and hitch (inc adapter plate!), as I no longer need to tow around the IBC and could quite do with the space it's taking up - would be nice to have an idea what it's worth too. It's located in Barwell, Leicestershire.


In good condition you are probably looking at it being worth between £150 - £200. Hope this helps. :-k

Range Rover Blues:
Have a look at fleabay, there#s a healthy turnover in them on there.

cooter davenport:
do you still got it

Trailer and hitch available should anyone want them!


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