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Volvo Sugga Recomission

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Customer of mine has asked me to get his volvo sugga back on the road, its been sitting in his garden for 20 years, Had it recovered to the workshop,

Stripped the carb, blew the fuel lines out, drained the nasty fuel from the tank, set the points and timing, dropped a bit of wd40 drown the bores, gave it a hand crank for a while, new battery and she fired up, few pics to check her out

It came from a museum in sweden in 1989, not moved or run since then, found all the kit in the boot, black out screens and snow chains, even the original tool kit and grease gun,

Had it steam cleaned to remove years of green slime, chassis looks perfect still has wax on it, from the reserch ive done its a 1955 year model, chassis number 229, just orded a carb rebuild kit from the states,

Planning on renewing all oils, retemper the springs, coat of paint, my dads company is remaking all the leather straps for the varouis fittings on the body, should be an interesting few weeks work, will update as i go  :mrgreen:

Would love one of those, think they look fantastic.  I saw the redbull one on a low loader at jct 27 of teh M1 last summer, that thing has had a hell of a lot of work done to it.

that looks well smart!

Range Rover Blues:
Is it classed as a car or a truck?

Historic vehicle?


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