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Red Lion, Avebury, Wiltshire


Gone steadily down hill. Always has been a Biker pub but.... :doh: Used to get a nice lunches there, somewhere to take visiting relatives whilst giving them a neighboured tour.
Compulsory £5.00 for the pub carpark. 2 quid refund if spending over 5 quid in pub but whoa betide if you produce ticket after till closes - big drama as there is no idiot button for that.
Miserable scruffy staff and one that took our order last time could hardly speak understandable English due to the tongue piercing, have to get them to repeat everything said at least twice. The kitchen staff just shuffled passed, head down without acknowledgement on their way to the out door freezer or sneak fag around the corner.
Food was as miserable as the staff - how can anyone cock up the easiest pub dish of scampi, chips and peas especially when they are nuking it from frozen? And packet sliced bread with soup of day :roll:
No wonder the place was empty Friday lunch time even though village was buzzing with tourists on a lovely sunny day.

You enjoyed it then 8-[

will give it another go in summer and see if things are better, shame to write it off totally - pubs change.

We used to eat there every year and it used to be good, never used to charge parking?


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