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mr freebie:
i was just wondering what is the biggest tyres that i can fit under the wheel arches of a standard freebie, at the moment its got 215/65/16 but as there getting near the limit i want to replace them with a set of A/Ts as my wife wishes to go greenlaneing with it, also does anybody know were i can get a suspension lift kit for the freebie, cheers.

without a lift kit you can go to around 28.5"

With a lift - you can obviously go bigger but depends on size of lift.
Bearmach do a lift kit and extended hoses - and Tornado Motorsport are working on a lift kit which should be available soon.

I have 16" 5 spoke lr alloys with 215/75.16 BFGOODRICH at's,They fill the arches well.Awsome tyre,handles so much better and still does 35 mpg (td4 auto).
Only trouble was the tyre people wouldn't fit them because the said they were bigger than standard and they wernt covered by their insurer so i jus took them to a landy garage instead.

I have just fitted 225/75/16 with 10mm spacers and they fit and look great

The biggest / tallest tyres you can fit on a standard height freelander is 205/80/16, how ever it's likely that these will rub very slightly on full steering lock, but only slightly.

If you plan on fitting a lift kit in the near future then these would provide a good bit of lift and should cancel out the rubbing issues.
I MUST stress the importance of having a full 4wheel alignment test done as soon you have fitted any lift kit. It is almost certain everything will out of sync and the freebie will handle like a bus on ice.

FYI I would only lift by 1.5inch/40mm, from experience this setup works really and reduces strain on other areas of drive train etc in comparision to a 2inch/50mm lift, others may disagree, but having run both setups on several freelanders i prefer the 40mm lift.




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