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Bush Tucker Man:
Wharfe View Cafe

Otley (5-6miles north of Leeds)
Situated on the banks of the River Wharfe, this is a simple 'back to basics' cafe.
Ample portions, good food & cheap.
Last time I was there (September) Steak Pie, Peas, Chips, pint of Tea, Treacle Sponge Pudding cost me £2.60

They bake on site, the Pies aren't the usual fare that comes in tin-foil, but baked in a 2foot square tin & cut out in big chunks.

01943 461262
Corner of Bridge Street & Mill Lane

It looks like this

On a wet mid-week day, you'll struggle to find a seat inside. On a sunny  weekend you'll be hard pressed to find a seat outside.

Edit; Thursday 2nd March 2006
Closed for renovation/redecoration at the beginning of February, with a view to being open toward the end of the month.
I haven't had the opportunity to revisit since the re-opening.
As soon as possible, I will & comment on food/prices & decor
(might be Wed 8th - Fri 10th??)

Edit @ Monday 20th March 2006
I made my way to Otley this morning with the specific cause of visiting this establishment.
Redecorated & new windows
Food still good value, hot & piles of it =D>
Meat & Potatoe pie, Chips, Peas & pint-mug of tea all for £2.70

Listened to one man saying he'd been going in there for over 30years, so it must be good to have stayed in business so long!
Even with differing owners through the years, it'd still need to provide good food to survive

Bush Tucker Man:
Back O' Th' Hill Farm, otherwise known as 'Buffers'
Storiths Lane
Storiths (Bolton Abbey)

01753 710708

An excellent little cafe, complete with the added attraction of a  large model railway upstairs & plenty of Hornby, Lima & Fleischmann bits for sale.
You will quite possibly find a variety of live-stock in the adjoining stables; Piglets, Lambs, Puppies, Calfs, etc...  
Plus excellent views from the car-park



If approaching this from the south-east on the A59 down Beamsley Bank, this road is a fast 3-laner.
You are advised to pass Storiths Lane & turn back on yourself at the bottom roundabout, as opposing traffic coming up the hill will use the centre-lane & traffic following you may think you are overtaking when you are actually attempting to turn right.
Narrow approach road

Bush Tucker Man:
Leeds Road

A first-class Fish & Chip shop.
I was first introduced to this shop over 30 years ago. I remember even 25 years ago all she sold was Fish, Fish-Cakes & Chips - people queued outside before she opened.
Now Annie has diversified; she also sells Mushy Peas & Curry Sauce. People still queue, and that's with 4 others within easy reach.
Quality speaks for itself.  

Situated on the A61 between Wakefield & Leeds, about 2miles north of Wakefield. Well worth a diversion of the M1 (junction 41)

Bush Tucker Man:
Wetherby Whaler
Market Place
01937 582968
A rather nice fish & Chip shop (& restaurant) in this very nice little (plenty of old coaching inns) market town on the River Wharfe.
Buy your dinner and wander down to sit by the 16th century roadbridge on the riverside park.
If you're feeling up to it, buy a 'Whaler' & Chips



Bush Tucker Man:
Old Dehli (aka 'Corner Cafe')
104 Burley Road

A wonderfully obscure Indian restaurant with no licence. However they have an 'arrangement' with the pub next door (Queens Head) for drinks to be taken in to accompany food, or take your own.
Cheap & good food.



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