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My girlfriends just about to pick one of these up. what are the little chappys like off road?will it be ok on greenlanes?also are there any mods available?


Hi 3laner

I've got a 5 door Pinin Warrior 2 ltr.  It's great off road apart from the ground clearance isn't brilliant and I've ended up with a very bashed in bash plate under the front where I've dragged the middle on the ground.  That was at Cannock Chase though, and the ruts were built for Land Rovers!  It did great at getting up hills though and is small enough to manoeuvre quite well.

The 2 ltr has the super select gearbox so you have more choices i.e. 2wd, 4wd high, 4wd high lock and 4wd low lock.  The low ratio isn't as low as some of the tougher 4x4s so you have to be a bit careful coming down anything really steep and be prepared to brake as well just in case.  If you're not looking at doing anything too rutty, it would be fine.  

I wasn't planning on doing any mods on mine - apart from a tougher bash plate maybe! - but I don't think there are any lift kits available for them from what I've read.  May be wrong though.

Mine has alloy wheels and I put all terrain tyres on it.  Tried to get a spare set of steel wheels for mud tyres but couldn't get them anywhere as they're an odd size so gave up with that.

Mpg is only around 28mpg for me but I do a lot of shortish (15 miles each way) journeys rather than long ones.  It improves a bit on longer trips.

Drop me a PM if you have any other questions!

We've got one too ... agree with the above :-)

:P First person I've heard of with one apart from me!  

Don't think many people use them off road obviously ... :roll: All the ones I've seen look very clean!  :shock:

Ours has been offroad :-) It's a 2.0GDI Petrol Vivo (I think) ... leather, sat nav, 5 doors ..... nice little vehicle. Gets kinda dwarfed by Bagheera and Piglet ... but then it's also much better on the old fuel than they are :-)


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