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A nights work...
« on: October 28, 2006, 21:02:12 »
Some of you might know, someone tried to park an Alfa under the Rabbit last week. Now we are off to play tomorrow and had a few small issues to address. For eample, no lights on one side, tow-rop jammed in door holding bent exhaust off the wheel, mangled bumper hanging loose etc.

So got a second hand cluster, First job, old bumper off. Lots of hammering, cutting new heads on bolts and cuttin bolts off required. Anyone taking a rear bumper off a Vit take note, its a sod without a mahoovive crosshead and if they are rusted in, they will just snap.

Pulled it string, fitted the new cluster. Hammer user to bend the bumpers fram back into a sane position, redid the mounts on the side and strightened out the tank guard. Lopped about a foot off the ehaust (its crushed) straigtened the rest and put it back on its mounts. Replaced the crushed wiring and then to finish off, cut the damm moulded mudflaps off. Actually looks bette rthan before the accident not counting the crushed bumper under the lights.

Pics later.
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