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I have a long wheelbase 1996 Shogun and the back door top hinge has started to give up.

Does anyone know if the pin is easy to punch out and if its likely to be the pin thats worn ?

A new hinge from a main dealer is about £150.00 and isnt even painted


Hi Dave
its common on a shogun if not oiled, its a pain in the ar$e to get the pin out without destroying the hinge so i would bin it,
best bet is to find a good one at the scrapys paj/shoggys theres loads of them, drill a hole to the pin through the side and tap a thread in it and put a grease nipple on which a lot of pajero owners have done to stop them creaking and groaning.

Thanks Colin

I will check some scrapys in the south


no worries, didnt spot the north kent, i lived in hythe (folkstone) up till 5 weeks ago. if you cant find one let me know and i'll phone a friend as they say  :wink:

you can always post something on too, just oin case they know someone who has one for you :)


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