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How did you find Mud-Club ?

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In our constant efforts to get the name of the club around, it would be a great help if you could let us know how you found the club.

Please select the option which best applies

It'll only take a click...   Many thanks

Bush Tucker Man:
Been here since day 1, along with a few others.
I was e-mailed about it, on that day, or just prior to its conception by Andy.

I'm constantly trying to recruit members from the 'T&T' link in my signature block below

strapping young lad:
hmm how did i find it?

well i lifted the brussel sprout and there it was!   :wink:

seriously though been on here for a long while now.. dont know how long the site had been running before i joined

About a couple of hours looking at that date.  :D

I think it was advertised on or uk-lro by Neil

lee celtic:
Hi All

I saw the ad on ebay  and a mate told me about it (MZ6666) so can I vote twice ???? :D  :D  :D

ps. Why not have a poster with the club logo and details on it on the site so we can print them out and put them up in the local 4x4 shops ??

The one near me is well up for it  :D


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