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Roomy in here innit ?


Well we get first post !
We have two Landrover 101s,
"Bob" the 101Gs  (
"Urrs" the 101 ambi - Urrs belongs to Urr indoors aka Lizzy, an avid fan of 101s, and a woman with a death grip on the heater duct on the engine. It even has grip marks.

Urrs is a resto project - the result of a wiring fire courtesy of REME when she came out of army service. Urrs will be an expedition camper when she is done. The looms are repaired, we just have to work out how to put them back in again....

Bob is officially "off the road" until May, for a proper maintenance schedule.

Welcome to the military vehicles section !


Bush Tucker Man:
Lucky so-and-so!!

Two 101's.

A friend used to have a GS, it was a blast :)

We emptied the showroom & workshops at the main dealers in Leeds once.
We went to look at the P38 Rangie in it, think it was the week it came out.

Mick ended up taking their staff round the block in it for a ride, but we got a drive of a 2.5 Diesel for our troubles
(No HSE aailable at that time  :( , but I got a go later at Copley Motors)


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