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Is this site still active???



Full of the joys of summer and oily handed enthusiasm I decided to post a few pictures of my Beloved on this site.

In the gallery... over a month ago...

And now I am wondering, is the site being moderated, looked at, run by anyone at all?   :blank:

My pics have been posted for over a month and still have not been "approved". :shocked:

Yes I know they are only pictures but why offer the facility if nobody is interested in looking at it?

The site "LandyWatch" is this morning spammed full and I mean full, of drug adverts and assorted crap. If something similar happened here how long would it be before anyone noticed??????????????

from A very disgruntled Camilla.

Hi Camilla,

It is moderated and I must be honest, for some reason the email alerting me to your submissions didn't generate. I've approved them for you now. I'll look into why it didn't send me any mail. You will rarely see spam in here as we have a pretty strict sign up procedure  :police:


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