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Big Yellow...
« on: August 11, 2012, 19:39:20 »
Finally, found a name for the Landy..can't think how it came about...

Old bulkhead, plus 2 new footwells and A pillars (OK so there wasn't a lot left) and even though we used the old rusty chassis as a Jig to my shock and surprise after shot blasting and priming at Brixworth Engineering (thanks Chaps) the bulkhead fitted onto the Richards chassis FIRST TIME. No swearing, persuading or begging required, the holes just lined up perfic- surely a first!

Spraying was by me, which is why I haven't done any close-ups...the runs are where ppl wont see them honest. Next stage is to get it mobile again, so i can free the garage up to spray the wings, seat base, roof etc..etc..

Oh and has anyone got experience of using a single line brake system with a S3 servo conversion? I have the servo, pedall assy etc, and am thinking I might as well bite the bullet unless I want to have to stand on the brakes all the time.- Not much idea how to do it though...