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P38 Overheating Problems
« on: October 30, 2010, 14:09:27 »
Well i have bought me a P38 diesel with overheating problems.

Its somewhat confusing as its overheating at odd times.

One known fault is the viscous fan isnt working properly, so replacing that this week, but it still wont explain the overheating.  The viscous part is nackered, can stop the fan and spin it the other way when the engine is at normal temp!

When running on a flat road above 35mph the temp doesnt move, however if i slow down it heats up.

Took it on a run down the road, whilst up at 50mph it was fine, pulled into a layby and in the time it took to stop it had shot up into the red.  Got it cool enough to set off again and once it had gotten moving it started to cool again!

We then tested it by leaving it to idle up to normal temp (half way on the guage) and then sat there for 10 mins with the engine permanently at 3000rpm and the needle never moved off the half way point, drove 100 metres down the road and it shot up into the red again!

There is no water in the oil, no oil in the water and no steam coming out the rear end!

Its had a new rad, new thermostat and water pump but still the same!

We did find a water leak but fixed that and the system is pressurizing more than it should be, but on the rad one pipe (i am told this is the one with the water going in the rad) is hot and the one where the water leaves the rad is not as hot as the one going in!

We have run water through the engine and it comes out on its own at the rad pipes so no blockage that we could find!

So does anyone have any ideas?

1995 Discovery XS 300TDi 4" lift and ready to go!

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Re: P38 Overheating Problems
« Reply #1 on: October 30, 2010, 20:29:53 »
Yoshi I have just had an issue with the temp sender for the gauge, and its costing me dearly. The only way to test it is to get it on a computor. Auto logic etc where you can compere read out from the other temp sensors. I think there are 3 on the p38. Bazz. :afro: