AuthorTopic: Very good site for TD4 owners and WHY!  (Read 1490 times)

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Very good site for TD4 owners and WHY!
« on: September 08, 2010, 20:02:53 »

Following on from my blown Turbo hose (see other posts) I had to do some extended servicing on my TD4 to clean up the mess.

This site was an inspiration as it contained a lot of info to point me in the right direction and give me things to look for.

I cleaned out all the inlet and intercooler hoses including the rigid ones.
Found another split in the other turbo hose.
Found that the PCV (Crank case vent) was STUCK, no doubt causing....
The Manifold was full of black gunk, which I had to blast out with a paraffin gun and jet wash.
I scraped out and cleaned the EGR and tested it

So now I am free of black smoke and no doubt will be running a lot better with a much cleaner intake system. That stuck open PCV would mean that the turbo wold suck gas out the crank case which made all the gunk!

Hope this helps other TD4 owners, id recommend doing the steps on this site for anyone with a lot of miles. Its all fairly simple but you do need a female Torx socket for one  part.


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