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Replacing Disco 1 driver's door hinges

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Disco Matt:
I need to replace the driver's door hinges as they've worn rather spectacularly. I have the parts, but I've no idea what I'll need to fit them (other than the obvious tools to undo the bolts). Has anyone done this before and could they offer some pointers? Is it a simple job to unplug the door electrics (thereby allowing the door to be lifted right off the vehicle rather than needing to support it throughout the job)?

I've taken doors on and off but never just changed the hinges. Would it be possible to change one then the other so the door is never off the car - that way you don't have to struggle holding the door in place.

I've got this job to do at some point, way I'm going to approach it is leave the door on and closed, with the wing off access to the Torx bolts should be fairly easy to replace one at a time.

Disco Matt:
I hadn't thought about that. Only snag is that the bolts holding the lower edge of my front wing on will be pretty much one solid corroded lump after 14 years! I'm loath to disturb them in case I end up with sheared captive nuts and/or damage to the fixing holes.

Where are the bolts? I'll have a look when it comes back from the garage after having the battery drain seen to (think it's the alternator which was replaced less than a year ago).

There's 3 bolts down the rear side of the hinge - you get to them through the gap between the a pillar and the door with the door open.
3 bolts out, philips screws out the top along the edge of the bonnet and depending how original the car is there are two retainer straps, one between the bottom edge of the wing and the front bumper and the other between the bottom of the wing and the sill finisher - if you have sliders and winch bumper these will probably have been removed.

I think, from memory, the bolts are into threaded holes rather than captive nuts.


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