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Rear Window
« on: August 11, 2010, 22:41:35 »
Hi all!
The rear window has started playing up a bit, when you open the rear door, it does not appear to drop as much as it should (and you can push it down further by hand). When you then shut the door, the window sometimes pushes up and out, because it hits the black plastic edging (if that makes sense?).

It raises & lowers fine on the switch as far as I can tell. And when you shut the door, with the window pushed down to the correct level (eg the extra bit by hand) it shuts fine.

I had the back liner on the door off today, and couldn't see anything jumping out at me. ( I recently changed the regulator wire in a side window).

Any ideas? Is this likely to be a regulator/wire job? or is there a sensor that may be playing up? Anyone had similar??

Thanks in advance!

2002 TD4 LWB.