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My guide to fitting seats

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Here is the guide I knocked up on how to fit 300 series 1 leather electric seats into a 200 series 1 shell...

Hope its of use to somebody.

mentalmoshio sophs V8i:
i do like the look of the ES fronts seat much better than the standard ones just wish they did them in black seats for the rear.

Don't think I've ever seen a set of ES seats in black (not full leather anyway). I've seen half leather ones on some of the later models but don't recall if they were electric.

them seats look good but on another note how did you get your stero to sit flush ?? :-k

ROTL! Should I do a how to with pictures???   :dance:

Darn nuisance isn't it! I was forever catching my knuckles on the radio in my Rangie when I went into low ratio because I coule not get it in any further.

Pinky has got an adapter to convert Land Rover plug to standard rover ISO as the cable from the stereo is ISO (that the PO did a very pi5s poor wiring job on and I can't for the lifr of me work out why or what he was trying to achieve. Some chav no doubt!) So basically I made sure none of the wiring blocks were behind it. Trouble is they now stick out the side like a sore thumb. One of these days I'll get an unmolested Panasonic ISO lead to tidy it up.


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