AuthorTopic: Fitting plastic arches to a 5 door Disco  (Read 4169 times)

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Fitting plastic arches to a 5 door Disco
« on: June 15, 2008, 21:33:08 »
Follow the instructions on the fronts and its very simple
Draw the inside edge of the arch and cut


Now for the rears
Here's how the door ends up looking after its cut through both skins

The whole cut looks like this

The arch sits across the gap but in my own opinion, not well
So i'm doing what i did before when i chopped a 5 door, using expanding foam
Squirt that into the gap, wait till dry, cut back and cover with filler then paint
Here's the foam expanding out

After letting the foam set over night my first job was to cut back the foam and put a couple of skins of filler over the top
The holes along the inside edge are for the rubber seal that was factory fitted (i had to re drill the holes into new places)

The rear arch cuts look horrible without the flares on

Using the grinder, i finished the inner arch (it looked nasty finished with the jigsaw)

Now i finished the doors by sanding the filler smooth

Then i masked the bare edges to apply plastic coat paint (to match the plastic arches, clever me   ;))

The N/S/R is now fitted but i'm not happy with the moulding of the rear piece
If you look carefully it appears smaller at the join end and has some strange shapes under the arch
I will be getting in touch with the suppliers and asking for a replacement

The other side went together very easily

The inner arches are finished with some edging strip (not part of the kit)

The doors are finished with the original rubber strip
They just need some sikaflex or tiger seal to complete them

Apart from removing some wild pen lines (I used a set of fibreglass ones as templates) and giving the car a wash, its finished   :dance:

Time for a well deserved drink

They stick out a bit 'eh  :D

If you want to view the whole gallery, click here

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Re: Fitting plastic arches to a 5 door Disco
« Reply #1 on: October 18, 2008, 15:08:46 »
Hi Jake thanks for this detailed account on how it's done, will be having a go myself soon. :shock:
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Re: Fitting plastic arches to a 5 door Disco
« Reply #2 on: February 13, 2010, 17:55:49 »
these look great. where can i purchase a set from?