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Help please! towbar bolts wont come out!

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Hello all.

had to cut of towbar in the end but the shaft of the bolts are rusted in to the chassis, just where you would mount your jate rings.  So now have now way of fitting decent recovery points, any idea

Can you drill them out?

you should be able to knock them out with a punch, or carefully (watching the fuel tank) heat them up with a blowtorch, and push them out

Tried drilling  :sad: equivalent of drilling thru 3" steel and began to wander to much, heating Not sure about that.  Thinking about tryingto find someone who can make me a new set to fit on and then get somebody to weld them on.

Have you managed to keep the towing electrics?

I am after the one with the plug/socket on the wiring end for me truck.

thanks rob


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