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Press Release.
« on: August 17, 2005, 11:04:20 »
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Trail riders and drivers apply voluntary moratorium
The Trail Riders Fellowship (TRF) and Green Lane Association (GLASS) have responded positively to a call from the Land Access and Recreation Association (LARA) to temporarily halt all claims seeking to confirm their members’ rights to use green lanes with recreational motor vehicles.

The moratorium on claims is one of a number of new initiatives by vehicle users to help reduce the concerns of MPs and others during the passage of rights-of-way sections of the Natural Environment and Rural Communities (NERC) Bill through Parliament. It will provide a period of time during which a process of evaluating the sustainability of individual green lanes to motor vehicle use can be developed and implemented.

The decision to halt claims was not taken lightly by vehicle users in the face of a malicious campaign of misinformation to MPs and the media. The TRF and GLASS recognise the serious curtailment of their interests that attaches to this halting of the claims process but appreciate the Minister’s desire to arrive at a reasonable and sustainable way forward. The Minister has shown his determination to resolve the current issues and vehicle user groups are committed to supporting his actions that will be in the long-term interests of all users of rights-of-way.

Trail user groups responded positively to the recent Framework for Action report that confirmed Government policy. The report states that there is a place for recreational motor vehicles in the countryside on rights-of-way, but the use must be responsible, sustainable and appropriate.

Geoff Wilson, Chairman of the TRF said: “The TRF, GLASS and LARA have for many years been the lead bodies pursuing local authorities in their legal duty to accurately record all rights-of-way. We are aware that because of this work the Minister for Rural Affairs has been put under immense cross-party pressure to provide for early, and even retrospective, extinguishment of certain historic vehicular rights. However, we have some faith that the Minister will hold his ground against these misinformed pressures in favour of facts contained in the recently published Framework for Action Government report on the use of mechanically propelled vehicles on rights-of-way. The Minister is concerned to reach a fair deal for all based on the facts that are before him rather than settle for a short-term political fix that may create long-term problems. We agree with that approach.”

Geoff Wilson stressed, “The Minister has indicated that he is keen to provide a chance for motor vehicle users to prove that they can approach the claims process responsibly. The moratorium will create the time and space for recreational vehicle users to consider what is responsible, sustainable and appropriate, not just for themselves but also for others who also use and manage the countryside for many and varied purposes.”

Duncan Green CEO of GLASS stated, "The situation has spiralled to new depths. By taking the lead and demonstrating a mature, responsible approach we hope to break through the vicious circle and help develop a better informed working relationship with all interested parties."

The TRF is a national, voluntary and non-competitive body established in 1970 for people who enjoy exploring green lanes by motorcycle. Its aim is to conserve our heritage of green lanes for everyone to enjoy.

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